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A study by the center for disease control and prevention (CDC) shows that around 50 million people suffer from chronic pain daily or almost daily. That explains the range of people who are in discomfort every day. That means they cannot give their full effort anywhere because of the pain.

There are many prescription and nonprescription drugs out there that are sold every day.   One of the most common pain killers is codeine.

Codeine gives its best effect when it is prescribed with paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. Codeine is an opioid type or medication and sometimes called narcotics. How to get codeine is a common question among consumers.

What is Codine

Codeine is a type of opioid medicine. It also has some narcotic properties. The main reason why codeine was formulated is to give the consumer a quality lifestyle. Because of pain, the patients are not able to engage in their day to day activities. Codeine helps with that. It helps with other pain-relieving medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen. Codeine helps to relieve symptoms but does not treat the cause the symptoms or effects the speed of recovery. Codeine is a particular class of medication called the opiate (narcotic) analgesics.

Not only it can change the way how our brains would react to pain, but also have anti tussive properties. When codeine is used to treat coughing, not for pain, it works by working on the part of the brain that causes coughing.

Use of codeine

One of the most commonly used pain medication found in the market today is codeine. The primary purpose of this drug is to relieve the patients from pain. It does not work on the site where the pain is felt. But instead, it works on the brain.

In the brain, the part where the pain is felt the mechanism is altered. So it must be taken with other pain medications. Another reason why codeine can be prescribed is because of coughing. When is used as a coughing agent codeine works by decreasing the part of the central nervous system which deals with the cough.

How to get codeine

Codeine is an opioid analgesic medicine which acts to relieve pain. It also has narcotic properties. It can be used on its own or in combination with other pain killers such as is a common question asked by the consumers how to get codeine.

Many pharmaceutical companies sell codeine under the different brand name.  Like TEVN sells codeine under the brand name “Codeine Phosphate,” Purdue Pharma sells it under the brand name “Codeine Contin,” Laboratoire Riva Inc. sells it under the brand name  “Codeine 15 or codeine 30”.

No matter which brand codeine you are getting, you need to be sure you are getting the best product, not the counterfeit ones. Many rogue pharmacies sell these fake products, and we should be careful about them.

There are some indications to identify an excellent online store for codeine or local pharmacy. They will

1.    Always ask for a prescription.

2.    Registered by a government or state

3.    A standing pharmacist always ready to answer any of the customer’s questions.

4.    Encourage customers to follow the law.

There are some online pharmacies who sell codeine:


b. mymedsuk dot com

c. walgreens dot com

d.   chemist-4-u dot com

Codeine tablet

The more you need to know about Codeine

The first thing which any consumer must be aware of is the habit-forming property of codeine.  If the dose is not maintained correctly there is a high chance of getting addicted to this medication. Codeine should be taken just the way it is directed.

The medicine must be avoided to be taken more or the time of making the medication must not be changed without the consent of the physician. Healthcare provider must be aware of your pain treatment and how long you are willing to take the medication, the goal of the consumers’ treatment, and if any other drugs are also being taken by the consumer.

Mental condition is also critical while taking this medication.

The doctor must be aware of the consumer has drinking problems. And he ever used any street drugs or even ever taken too much prescription medication. The higher the risk of side effects if the consumer ever consumed any of that.

There are some side effects to using codeine. They are listed:

•    headache

•    stomachache

•    urination problems

•    vomiting

•    nausea

•    difficulty seeing

•    Rash

•    Difficulty in a heartbeat

•    Irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

Despite these side, effect codeine is conventional medication which are being prescribed by the physicians. But before taking these medicines, there must be some knowledge that the physician must be aware about.

1.    Allergic conditions of the patient.

2.    If the patient is taking any MOA inhibitors or have stopped making such kind of medication within two weeks.

Not everyone can buy codeine; there must be a valid prescription required to buy codeine.

Final thoughts

When someone suffers from pain, his day to day life becomes challenging. With the regular pain killer drugs, codeine helps the patients to lead a better experience. It is a very obliging medication. The popularity of this medicine is increasing day by day.

But the consumer must be aware of the addictive properties of this drug. Codeine helps to relief from the pain by changing the way how our brain reacts to pain. It is a very convenient prescription medicine.

But definitely, it must be avoided to be sold without any prescription.



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