Ever pine for a pint whilst picking your preferred pot strain? Well, East Coast Cannabis in Kittery Outpost has got you covered! Yes, you read that right, York, ME boasts not just an exceptional marijuana dispensary, but also the town’s best beer store!

Looking for Levity and Lager?

What complements a smooth, giggly high better than a chilled, frothy beer? Absolutely nothing! That’s why the East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost decided to venture into the realm of hops and malt. With the charm only found in York, ME, and a belly-laugh inducing dual concept, no one does it better.

A Match Made in Heaven

East Coast Cannabis feels like a match made in heaven for anyone who enjoys the weedy wonders of Mother Earth and the fizzy fun of fermented wheat. Step into their Kittery Outpost any day, and you’ll find an amusing blend of cannabis connoisseurs and beer buffs creating a hilariously heady atmosphere you just can’t resist. So, whether you’re in town or just passing through York, ME, this outpost offers an experience you won’t forget — with the added laughs for free!