When people speak of their workplaces, many tend to paint a formal image with stringent deadlines and curry flavored coffee. But as an employee at Mana Supply, our experiences differ vastly, threading a unique bond between being a part of a cannabis dispensary chain, and being part of an ‘ohana’.

Morning Rituals

We start our day bright and early, restocking our shelves and discussing the myriad of cannabis strains and related products available at our Mana Supply dispensary. We aim to keep ourselves updated about current trends in cannabis, ensuring that we are in a position to inform our customers with the most accurate and comprehensive information.

Our team meetings are all about taking stock of the previous day’s events, analyzing customer feedback and making the necessary adjustments to our strategies. After all our mission to provide a positive cannabis experience to both new and long-time consumers.

Afternoon Engagements

In the afternoons, the fast-paced environment continues. Each of us wears many hats – we are all budtenders, store managers, customer support, and problem solvers. It’s during these moments that our commitment to bringing people together and helping them grow really shines.

[Customer satisfaction](http://www.manasupply.com/reviews) is our top-most priority. We entertain numerous questions from customers and strive to address all their queries regarding cannabis – whether it’s about a specific strain, a new product, or about the health benefits and side effects.

Evening Accomplishments

As the sun sets, the team gathers once again to reflect upon the day and share experiences. We talk about the different interactions we had, the feedback we received and the progress we made as a team. These moments are more than just about reviewing performance; they reinforce the feeling that we’re all in this journey together.

All in all, life at Mana Supply is an interesting adventure. It isn’t just about providing a service—it’s about fostering a community and being part of a supportive family. And every day, we work hard to create an environment that our customers feel comfortable in and excited to return to.