Uncle Ike’s isn’t your garden variety Pot Shop; it’s the golden ticket Willy Wonka might have created if he had an affinity for Cannabis instead of candy. As a premier, trusted Marijuana Store in Seattle, WA, we bring a “Rock’n’Roll” vibe to the realm of recreational weed.

From the heart of Seattle to the calm of Mercer Island

No matter if you’re in the bustling hub of West Seattle, WA, or basking in the serene ambiance of Mercer Island, our Pot Stores bring an extra zest to your life, one leaf at a time. Queues often curl around the block, a testament to the great high they’re indulging after a long day or merely to enhance the fun of the weekend.

A Kirkland Excursion

Take a detour to our Weed Dispensary in Kirkland, WA, where even the most discerning connoisseur would be impressed. Are you in Seahurst, WA, or even Lake City, WA? Uncle Ike has got you covered! Come see why they say that “The West(ern Washington) is the Best.” Just don’t blame us if you decide to cancel your Netflix subscription and replace it with regular trips to Uncle Ike’s!