As the use and availability of cannabis continue to rise, several myths surround its use. This blog is addressed to all of those currently seeking a dispensary in Albuquerque, NM, Gallup, or Las Cruces, NM, and all others who face the tinge of hesitation because of widespread misconceptions. We’ll tackle some of these myths and present factual arguments to shine light on the reality, guided by the expert insight of P37 Cannabis.

The Myth of Addiction

One of the sustained myths troubling potential cannabis users relates to the fear of addiction. A matter of fact, the usage of cannabis can be as addictive as any other habit-forming behavior such as binge-eating, or excessive workout. It’s all about personal discipline and moderation in use.

The Fear of ‘Gateway Drug’

An argument often heard is that cannabis acts as a ‘gateway drug’ leading to harder substances. Several research pieces have debunked this claim. Factors such as social environment, stress, and personal predispositions play significant roles in pushing users towards other drugs– not cannabis use.

The Illusion of Uncontrol

Another myth centers around the idea that cannabis use leads to uncontrollable behavior. This is incorrect. Unlike other substances implying severe physiological responses, cannabis offers a peaceful experience. Side effects, if any, tend to be mild and wear off as the substance leaves the system.

Social Stigma and Legal Consequences

The notion that having cannabis equates to facing legal trouble is a myth prevalent particularly in the areas of Albuquerque, NM, Gallup, and Las Cruces, NM. However, this is not completely accurate. Legalities around its use have been changing, and responsible use within the set guidelines does not lead to legal consequences.

By debunking such myths, we hope to have cleared the air about cannabis use, particularly for those looking for a dispensary in Albuquerque, NM, Gallup or Las Cruces, NM. Remember, moderation is the key, and your health and well-being should always be a top priority.