At Core Progression Personal Training, we believe in offering an integrated approach towards health and wellness. We are not just another fitness gym; we are the comprehensive solution to all your fitness related goals. Located in Arvada, CO, Boulder, CO, Austin, TX, Northglenn, CO & Downtown Denver, CO, we provide service that suits people of all fitness levels.

Personal Training

We are exceptionally devoted to a one-on-one approach. Our expert personal trainers will provide you with individualized workouts tailored to your fitness level and goals. Our bespoke solutions ensure that you get the most out of every session while remaining motivated and seeing tangible progress.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is pivotal for rehabilitation and chronic pain management. At Core Progression, we offer excellent physical therapy services to help our clients get back on their feet in no time. Our highly-qualified physical therapists provide treatment aimed at relieving pain and promoting better health.

Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss goals can often seem daunting. Core Progression aims to make the journey easier with effective and innovative weight loss programs. With proper guidance, tracking, and scientifically-proven methods, we make sure your weight loss journey is manageable, rewarding, and ultimately successful.

Athletic Training

For us, fitness is not solely about regular individuals. We extend our top-notch services to athletes too. With our specialized athletic training in Austin, we help athletes enhance their performance, improve strength, and reduce injury risk.

No matter what your fitness levels or goals are, Core Progression has a program that can work for you. We invite you to join us and witness firsthand the distinction in our approach towards fitness and wellness.