Nestled in the heart of California’s capital is a hidden gem that brings the community together by promoting the holistic benefits of CBD. This gem is none other than The Sanctuary, Sacramento’s favorite local CBD store. Known for its warm, inviting vibes, and an extensive array of naturally sourced CBD products, The Sanctuary isn’t just a store – it’s a destination for well-being.

A Vibrant, Thriving Community

Part of what makes The Sanctuary so special is its location. We have the privilege to be part of a diverse, vibrant, and thriving community in Sacramento. Our neighborhood is imbued with a rich cultural history waiting to be explored. Charming boutiques, trendy coffee shops, and lush parks can all be found within close reach.

Local Attractions Immersed in Nature and History

Just a stone’s throw away from The Sanctuary lies the iconic Sacramento River. Here, locals and tourists alike embark on serene walks, engaging sightseeing cruises, or taking in the breathtaking river views. For history enthusiasts, the California State Capitol Museum, known for its majestic architecture and curated collection, is easily accessible and a must-visit attraction when in the neighborhood.

We’re More than Just a Store

To us at The Sanctuary, your wellness is our top priority. We ensure to provide a haven that goes above and beyond just merchandising CBD products. We strive to make our visitors feel at home, with skilled and empathetic staff always ready to guide you through our variety of offerings.

We aim to create a space where anyone can learn about the benefits of CBD. Whether you’re an experienced CBD user or looking to try it out for the first time, The Sanctuary is here for you. It’s not just about shopping — it’s about experiencing what makes our neighborhood the lively, engaging community it is. Visit us to experience Sacramento’s top destination for CBD needs and beyond!