Welcome to your comprehensive guide for your first visit to New Standard Nunica. Irrespective of your experience with Medical and Recreational Marijuana, we assure an unforgettable experience highlighted by quality products and unmatched service.

Our flagship Exit 9 Location is popular amongst both medical patients and recreational consumers for its vast selection of products. From fresh flowers to pristine concentrates, our collection caters to every preference and need. With a welcoming environment and knowledgeable staff, we aim to provide an unparalleled shopping experience.

As a medical consumer, you can rely on us for premium medicinal marijuana carefully cultivated to address different therapeutic needs. Our recreational marijuana customers consistently applaud the versatility of our products, ranging from invigorating strains that fuel creativity to relaxing ones that ensure a good night’s sleep.

Before you stop by, it’s essential to bring along your state-issued identification – a prerequisite for both medical patients and recreational users. For the former, carrying a valid medical marijuana card is also mandatory. Our store complies with all state and local municipalities to ensure the safe, responsible use of marijuana.

At New Standard Nunica, we believe in driving the ‘New Standard’ in the world of marijuana. Whether you’re new to marijuana or a seasoned consumer, we look forward to welcoming you to our Exit 9 Location. Get ready to discover the myriad possibilities that our top-grade Medical and Recreational Marijuana offerings unfold.

Plan your visit today for an exceptional journey into the world of marijuana.