Lucky Lion, located in the bustling neighborhood of Northeast Portland, has been a local favorite for years. Since it opened its doors in the early 2000s, it has become known for its unique selection of products and unbeatable prices.

Recently, however, Lucky Lion has become known for something else: its insane medical half pound flower specials. With a reputation for being the best place in town to purchase high-quality, medical-grade flowers, Lucky Lion draws in a steady stream of customers.

The Lucky Lion team takes great pride in the quality of their flowers and the care they take in raising them. They source the best strains of cannabis from local growers and use only the finest nutrients and soil to ensure every flower is top-notch.

The flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and customers can choose from a variety of medical-grade flowers for their half-pound special. Whether they’re looking for something to help them relax, something to help them focus, or something to help them get through the day, Lucky Lion has something for everyone.

Of course, these specials don’t come without a price. Lucky Lion’s half-pound specials start at $50 and can go up to $150 depending on the type and quality of the flower. But with Lucky Lion’s unbeatable prices and quality flowers, it’s no wonder why the locals keep coming back for more.

So, if you’re ever in Northeast Portland and looking for a great deal on high-quality, medical-grade flowers, be sure to check out Lucky Lion’s Insane Medical Half Pound Flower Specials. You won’t be disappointed!

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